Want to see what I’ve been doing? Look inside.

Grabbing new stuff to shoot with.

HIgh Heel Steampunk Boots
HIgh Heel Steampunk Boots

Goodwill likes me. They don’t love me, but they like me. I buy a bunch of stuff there and I donate a bunch of stuff there. It’s a win-win. Most of my most unusual costume finds have been there.

I am obsessed with finding weird costume items for models who will eventually wear them. I don’t necessarily know the models or what they will wear, specifically, but I do know that it will be from these interesting and unusual costume items.

I’m looking to capture a sort of look and feel I can’t seem to get from stock photos or other imagery.

Box Photos (and Videos) for WeeGonza Bazaar.

Lady in Red Box
The Lady in Red decorative cigar box from WeeGonza Bazaar.

Besides grabbing stuff for my photo business, I’m also involved with shooting photos and videos for my wife’s business, WeeGonza Bazaar.

It’s been quite the whirlwind and with everything we’re working on right now, it’s seems like we have an endless array for work ahead of us.

Our schedule isn’t getting any easier, either. We have shows for nearly every single weekend for the next couple months. In fact, we have some pretty impressive shows coming up that might be a lot of fun.

Putting the photo biz back together.

Power Pole from Below
Stock photo by me of a large, electrical power pole from below.

This has been tough. I want my wife’s business to be the most successful it can possibly be. That means I have to take a back seat now and then. I frustrates me, but it’s not that bad.

I’m used to going when I want to go not when someone else wants me to go. When I’m tired and cranky from waking at 3AM to go load up the truck, it can get repetitive and tiresome. It’s the process I get frustrated with, though, not my wife. We get testy now and then, but nothing serious.

So, now, my business isn’t much of a business anymore. The royalties from selling stock aren’t coming in. Neither are the print sales.

I felt I had to tone things down. I couldn’t shoot as often any more. I focused on photography (instead of video and photo). I let my promotions and marketing slide. I have nobody to blame, but myself.

So, since it’s all shit, let’s start the hell over again! We’ve done this before, we can do this again.

Right now, it’s the planning stage. It’s putting potential business together and focusing on my internal processes for creating sellable media. I looked at everything I did in the past and gauged it with what I am doing now and realized I had dozens of media assets I was just sitting on.

I am dealing directly with four stock media agencies. I have started to submit a LOT of media to all of my many places. I have also started a new plan for TFP (Time for Print – a means of trading promotional photos and videos with a model/actor in lieu of payment).

My new TFP system provides real value to the models I am working with so they don’t get left with nothing, but photos. I’ll be posting soon with more details. In case you are considering being in photos or videos, let me know. This system is in the testing stages so I’ll be seeking some talented folks who have something to offer in front of the camera.

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