Want to see my new Photo Experiment at the SASCO Mine?

Great Photos and Amazing Talent at the SASCO Mines

So I had a great photo shoot out in the deserts north of Tucson. 5 miles west-southwest of a little town called Red Rock is a long dirt road called Sasco Mine Road. The mine is gone now. It hasn’t been there since the 1940s. It’s an interesting story and a fun read. I love it for all the amazing graffiti and it’s a great location to shoot models and create awesome and incredible image experiments.

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Jane is a Tucson model and photographer . See Jane at the SASCO Hotel Ruins in the desert around Red Rock and the Silverbell mine. From our recent shoot on October 22, 2017. Visit her Facebook Page here and here.

Another new model for me was Marissa. Such a great and mysterious look. She loved to hide her face with masks and cloth. Stunning eyes, too. It’s always nice to meet new models with a great look. Hope to work with her again.

You really should check out her images here.

The model, Soul, is a tremendous pleasure to work with. She is friendly and a little bit shy, but bold, responsive, and completely unafraid.

Check out her great photo set here.

Facebook Page

This was my first time working with Alexis (photo gallery link). She is a model here in Tucson. Since I’m not great at chatting, I didn’t get much info from her. I guess I prefer to get to work versus talking. Regardless, she has such a great look and her hair and dress were mesmerizing. Such great forms and curves.

I’ve not known her, but I had seen her amazing work before. Sarah has such a great, natural form, poise, p0se, and an amazing. This was my first chance to work with her and I can’t wait to work with her again. Such great fire in those eyes and some of the sexiest looks.

Check out her set here.

Check her Facebook Page here.

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