Stock-ing Stuffers

Techno Obscura Stock Circuit Board
Techno Obscura Stock Circuit Board with image file details.

I’ve posted hundreds of photos up for stock in the last couple weeks. I figured I would sift through my old files and see what I had in the vaults over the holidays. I also rediscovered some lost hard drives back in October and more in November that also had many terabytes of good, quality photo and video content. I knew I would find some, but I genuinely wasn’t prepared for the volume of stock that I found.

In all, I wound up finding over 350 images that met the criteria I was seeking. Beyond that, I narrowed it down to just under 300 after poring over some files that had serious (not feasible for fixing) issues which were not apparent on first review. Only when viewed at 100% was the issue apparent. Now, as a matter of course, I carefully examine each photo at 100% for detailed issues.

The issue, ultimately, was with a 50mm lens that has a seriously narrow depth of field – even at f22. On review, it turns out its a kind of art lens that’s meant to make this kind of look. I’m going to keep it in my arsenal now as a different type of lens – like a tilt-shift lens.

Stock Image Prep

Stock agencies can’t use images with tattoos: they require a release from the tattoo artist which can mean many different artists and are often difficult to obtain. So I have to either remove the tattoos in Photoshop, cover up during production, or get a property release from the tattoo artist and, hopefully, only one. While most tattoo artists I know would love the notoriety of having their tattoos in print, legally, there is a potential liability issue because that art is the copyright of the tattoo artist or the artist who created it if not the tattoo artist. Making a single copy on one’s skin doesn’t grant copyright and, unless expressly stated, photo or video copies of those tattoos remain the property of the artist and can, potentially, require compensation from the photographer. Therefore, no tats for stock unless you have all tattoos released.

Neat to know for you, I guess.

Stock Up

I invite you to have a look at the latest I have to offer. Might be some good stuff in there for you. More coming, Always. As you can see, I have a lot of photos of various people. That was the vast majority of the uploads. I had several model’s photos in my general arsenal and there’s more coming. 

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