Project Brief: Sexy Swim

Model: Amanda C
Amanda C under a tree with wine by the pool

I’m so happy to announce a new modeling opportunity: Sexy Swim! This is the first project I’m officially attaching to EasyTrade. What does that mean? It means, this project will be used to trade (barter) service for service. Really it’s a way for me to get several models together for a single project and be able to get a good feel for the different talents I will see as a photographer from Tucson.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out this recent post: The EASYTrade™ Program Announcement. There is still much more to do for this project, but I’d like to see how it will work small before I take it big.

Very exciting.

Project Brief


Date: July-September, 2018
Time: Any – Day or Night (prefer NOT to shoot between 10am-4pm due to sun)
Duration: 2-3 hours per shoot per model 
Location: Electric Tiger, LLC; 7322 E 38th Street, Tucson, AZ (residence)
Compensation/consideration: EASYTrade (TFP)
Talent Requirements: Basic. Open to Beginner to Advanced. Must be willing and able to get by or into the pool wearing a swimsuit (or something pool safe).
Gender: Any
Nudity: None required. Model’s choice.
Size specifics: None specific. Model’s own swimwear is fine as I don’t have access to numerous individual swimsuits. Bikinis, 1-2 piece suits, lacy lingerie (non-staining), spandex, polyesters. Avoid cottons or linens, they soak up water and drag.
Talent Notes: Show off natural curves and look. We’ll use pinup-style poses to accentuate looks, use sheer clothing and fabrics for more suggestive looks. Feel free to try different poses you enjoy. I have study guides for posing. I’ll direct for specifics.

I like natural reactions and expressions, too.

I’m interested in your creative interpretations, too.

I like to shoot quick: usually 2-3 shots/angles per pose – I’ll usually say “hold for X-number of shots” but sometimes I forget. I may ask you to go back (“rewind” or “go back”) to a prior pose.

I normally don’t need to invade your personal space to point of physically touching you. I will try not to touch you during shooting – I will usually try to tell you, mimic the pose, mirror the pose or direct you with air hands or say it out loud (whichever is best). Often a combination.

I’ll ask first, too. I prefer a relaxed set.

Project description

The tone is light, fun, kinky, and sexy. Suggestive poses and expressions, costume (bathing suits or other submergible clothing), classic pinup and cheesecake poses referencing the works of famous pinup painters like Vargas, Elvgren, Petty, etc.

Underwater, around the pool, in or out of water are all fine. 

Creative Comments

  1. Experiment and study solid, high-quality, professional skills for developing pinup-style photos around the pool for use in later shoots
  2. Colored gels may be used for mood and tone
  3. Utilize talent to create “pinup,” sexy, fun, and kinky style images
  4. This project is experimental, but then everything is
  5. Using plain backdrop (the pool, the yard, possibly a backdrop), strobes, lights, and cameras, create photographs, videos, and other derivative artwork

Difficulty: 5 photo / 3-5 model /1-6 costume (of 10)


  • Final images, videos, and subsequent derivative works are meant for sales, licensing, stock, etc. Some may be used for gallery display and sale.
  • Talent must sign a talent release, provide valid proof of identity (ie: current drivers license).
  • Talent must agree to EasyTrade compensation and select a relevant compensation.
  • You are being hired using an equivalent service exchange called EASYTrade wherein you will provide talent as model, actor/actress, or other performance in exchange for the valuable service of the photographer.
  • While photos of the project can be accepted for equal trade, other options may be available. Possible options are for promotional videos, unrelated services (like marketing, web development, social media, etc.), etc.
  • A “deal” or “bargain” will be proposed before any work is done. Then, if you agree to the terms, we will both execute our side of the deal.
  • Since this is a contract, you must be 18 years of age or older to sign.

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