Photoshoot Finds April, 2016

Some of my latest finds from some of Tucson’s best thrift stores. These are specifically for a photoshoot in late April (about 2 weeks from now).

I’m currently obsessing about post-apocalyptic imagery. I find it somewhat easy to create. While I’m a big fan of making things in Photoshop, I’m also a big fan of photographing it and inserting it or just letting the model wear it. I do versions with and without for comparison and just in case one version isn’t working. I like options.

I got several helmets – one looks like a fireman’s helmet with a visor, goggles, leather neck protection, etc. The bike helmet will be sanded and gouged a bit to rough it up a little (and make the surface less smooth), then primered, painted, dry-brushed with dull aluminum paint, then finished with a semi-gloss coating. Not sure about the fireman’s helmet or the hardhat – both are nice props by themselves or with some “decoration.”

The goggles will have the plastic lens in front carefully removed – I can always add a little bit of color to the front of the lens in Photoshop and retain eye detail.

The body armor stuff is some pretty weak stuff. It was also $4. I will rough sand, texture, then primer, paint, and add rust, dry-brush some dull aluminum, then finish with a semi-gloss coating. I’ll also add some white skulls and other details to make it “authentic.” I wonder about how authentic it could be since it’s all made up…

Found this awesome ukulele. Not sure it was ever a real instrument. I suspect it was always simply decorative or it’s gone through some hell. It is so unique, I had to get it. Will look great with someone.

The belts were a buck each and they just seem like 80s new wave punk and the piano motif reminds me of Zoolander. I got another one that’s just like the red, only with yellow. The yellow reminds me of a taxi or Taxi Driver since I’m on a punky, post-apocalyptic tangent.

Finally, that coat. It is completely captivating. It’s really difficult to capture the real nature of that coat with an on-camera flash. The reflections just don’t pick up the ambient light the way the eye does. It’s a brocade fabric and that rainbow color runs top to bottom only its so much neater in person. There is no indication of brand or manufacturer – only the number “39” to indicate that it had been made by someone. It was $3.50 and it’s about a size 5.

Well, that’s all I got time for shooting it with you. More coming, including some artwork!

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