New Store and Survey

New Store

Savers Black n White Photo
Black & White photo of Savers on Broadway Perspective Shot

I finally did it. I made a store so I can sell my stuff. I’m still working on it and it’s nearly there. I may have to do some CSS, to which I’m not looking forward. I know I must. Onward!

Check the latest. I’m starting with some basic stuff while I figure out what I’m actually selling. If you would like something in particular, just let me know. I may actually have it.

For now, I have some posters, like these and these. I’ll be putting up some toy guns for sale (non-firing, decorative Nerfs), some vacuum tubes, more brass and copper bugs. Some photo prints, photo collections, and photo books coming, too.

New Survey

1111 Contact Form
Techno Obscura Contact Form Icon

I’m getting new to surveys and such. I was thinking I didn’t know what people would be interested in buying so I figured a survey would do the tricky-trick. Wanna see it? Check it out here.

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