LovelyRozie 04/08/2016

Got the opportunity to work with new fashion/glamour model, LovelyRosie on MM. She was absolutely great to work with. Did I forget to mention her amazing legs? I did. Sorry. She has really long legs. They look great. I tried to shoot stuff that showed them off.

The whole point of this shoot was really to explore doing very brief concepts. If you really think your concept is amazing, try explaining it to someone you’ve never worked with before. Okay, I didn’t have to do that. I went with a loose concept and a list of photos I wanted to get and then a few that came up spur of the moment – you know when they get that one look in that one pose and you force yourself to go back to it. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Rozie was a little stiff to work with at first – I have almost no photos of her first 2 outfits. She was doing fine, but it felt like she may be holding back a bit. Still, we got through it pretty quick. The first 2 changes were hers. Clothing she brought. They were fine, but it felt like she wasn’t quite sure of herself. Besides, my stuff is more fun.

I had her start adding clothes. She seemed comfortable swimming in clothes. The massive size 40 mens pants tied on with a tight belt. The mens military coat (love thrift stores) and hat sell the look. Then, the brightly colored boots juxtapose. She was very engaged. In the moment. Alert. She let her attitude out a little bit. Her muchness. I thought it looked great.

Now I started switching out clothing and costume items. I will also play a game of pick a prop. It’s just like it sounds: I have a bunch of clothes on a rack and a table full of props, novelties, plastic toys, bizarre masks, goggles, stockings, gloves, etc. I pick something, then the model gets to pick. She does something with both items and I direct and shoot a couple shots. Rinse. Repeat.

She discovered the novelty devil horns and I put the golden coat on her. The white shirt was just a basic sleeveless shirt. Then the nerdgirl look. I got some great ones from those simple costume combos.

The middle finger was totally her idea.

All images are around 1200x90op.

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