Introducing: Tracee

I would like to introduce my friend, Tracee. She is a new model with some experience with performance and modeling. We have talked about working together in the past, but it has never happened. Now, I’m proud to say, I have some great photos of her.

For this shoot, I decided to change things up a little bit. Normally, I like a clean, blank slate and then create on top of that. I didn’t feel that was right for this shoot. Instead, I wanted a crude, plain non-set: A simple, basic area so I could focus on composition and feel over “glamour.”

I like to work with subjects who are untrained or inexperienced. They haven’t had a chance to practice every action, pose, and expression. It’s good for making art over glamour snaps. I get candid poses and expressions and unpracticed bits. I’ve always preferred those in-between moments, anyway.

Lighting was a combination of overhead sunlight with a pair of strobes to boost it. The plain, random background leaving wires and a poor transition to the floor. The challenge is ultimately in the composition. Any photo can be made compelling with the right composition.

For some shots, I used a portable nylon green-screen as a background, a thick, plain, black tablecloth I got at a thrift store and I alternately draped some lacy material I picked up at another thrift store. Thrift stores love me.

Lately, I’ve been playing around with different lighting situations. I’m particularly interested in conflicting light to get a different effect. Sometimes, this effect can play out as simply filling in shadows or beefing up the light in a low-light situation. Other times were mistakes that I liked too much to stop. I blasted out highlights and crushed shadows, but used a neutral-exposure picture style (Cinestyle by Technicolor) to add some exposure latitude so I can post process the way I like.

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