Fairly Smoky Update

Well good news! My artwork, Miss Page, just won Best in Class at the Pima County Fair. I will have to return for some corn dogs and lemonaid and to admire my new award. I’m very proud of it. I want to┬áthank the wonderful people who work very hard on the Pima County Fair. Many are volunteers. I have even volunteered, but I was too busy this time around. WeeGonza Bazaar┬ámay also try to get a booth in Thurber Hall for next year (that’s the big shopping one).

Got to try the usual great food on a stick. Not any new ones, but I did see the Deep-Fried Pickle on a stick. Kinda cool. Really, I miss Pronto Pups. A Pronto Pup isn’t just a “corn dog,” it’s as pile of deliciousness on a stick. Sigh.

Now, onto the smoke. I’ve had yet more of my footage approved on Shutterstock where I also sell stock video. In curious contrast, Pond5 (where I also also sell stock photo and video) accepted only a few of the photos and they’re still working on the videos. Granted, they were all very similar. I will be selling the single images and a set for designers very shortly for $19.99, I think. Something like Grungy Smoke for Designers. May make some Photoshop and Illustrator brushes with the set, too.

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