The EASYTrade™ Program Announcement

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I’ve been writing a lot lately about TFP and my desire to improve upon it. Why? It’s apparent that Time for Print is, in many ways, an outdated solution. It hasn’t fundamentally changed since the days of film and print (hence the name).

It needs to and I think we can do it.

The way it works now

For the most part, TFP is a basic system:  photographers and models get together to create new media. I think that’s the main point, too.

Usually, in exchange for a few key photos (the numbers vary wildly) from a photo shoot (or other sampling of other media), a “talent” performs for the photographer/videographer. No money changes hands, usually.

Model releases are nearly always used. They are structured to be simple, legal documents, usually requiring little more than the signatures of the photographer and model.

Consideration is listed as the trade. Consideration is generally money, but, in this case, it’s a services trade or the exchange of “acts.”

Most release text allows the model’s likeness to be used in the photographer’s photos, videos, and audio. It allows the photographer to legally sell, license, or otherwise make money from the photos. The models have the right to use the photos for self-promotion only, usually, but rarely for anything else.

While each party is getting what they agreed in writing, I will bet neither party is getting a fair deal.

What if you wanted something else? What if you could custom-tailor a fair trade solution? What if you have specific requirements you’d like to see in the photos. AND you had a skilled photographer, videographer, and a host of other skills all wrapped into one convenient person who could do it all for you?

Yes, that’s me.

Ultimately, we can improve upon the work of Tucson’s talent. Let’s let the world see what Tucson really has to offer.

Introducing Equitable Service Exchange:  EasyTrade™

EasyTrade™ is a better way to trade services equitably. Each side gets what they want in exchange for what the other wants. If you can’t agree or if you’re not interested, then both parties can leave the table. 

So here’s what I may be offering (in varying amounts or degrees):

  1. Photo Prints (digital or physical) – trading photos, of course
  2. Photography Services (studio, outdoor, commercial, professional, real estate, insurance, fashion, wedding, event, product, school, etc.)
  3. Video Services (promo video, set video, pre-arranged narrative or documentary video, etc.)
  4. Audio Services (recording, mixing, remixing, editing, etc.)
  5. Multimedia Services (Combining Multiple Media) 
  6. Modeling Services (I’ll model for you if you will model for me)
  7. Web Services (create from scratch, WordPress, Drupal, carts, shops, portfolios, etc.)
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Patreon content (or similar subscription service)
  10. Corporate/Business/Personal  Logo Design
  11. Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  12. Business Planning and Strategy
  13. What do you need? Really.

Once I have a clearer, more accurate picture of what some talent might be seeking, I will begin offering actual packages for which I’ve done the groundwork to where it’s a clear package offering for a clear trade.

Everyone has a different idea of what they will trade. I’m willing to hear out your offer. Please understand if I ask for other options. I like to see what you might need or want. I will make you a reasonable, equitable service offer for your services. Terms will be as clear as possible.

Got something for me?

If I were to ask YOU what YOU would accept for TRADE (no money changes hands) for YOUR TALENT (ie: modeling, acting, or otherwise performing).

I think I can provide you something of value in exchange for your services. Call it a barter. Service for service.

Let me know what you think. Email me at

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