About Me

What is Techno Obscura?

The term is one I coined many years ago. It is a sort of art movement of Modern Noir as well as a sort of style. Techno refers to “technology” and Obscura is a reference to “camera obscura” which means “dark box” in Latin. For me, it’s the dark of the page and the dark of the implied technologies involved in my works. They are not clear; they are obfuscated. They are dark.

Techno Obscura encompasses more than just dark images. It’s the works of HR Giger, my friends, my favorite artists, and a myriad of others.

It’s also the elusive Steampunk, Dreadpunk, Atomic Punk. Any punk. It’s the film works of Fritz Lieber (Metropolis) and Terry Gilliam, David Lynch, and a score of others. Books like Naked Lunch make the list.

I’m seeking a way of capturing these dark images, maddening vistas, and surreal nightmares bouncing around my head.

That’s where this site and you come in.

Let me know what you like or not.

Who are you?

My name is Jonathan. I am a professional photographer and artist among other things. My favorite thing is to take my photos and make new and different art from it.

At first, I made these stencil-derived art prints that I defined and painted by airbrush. I sold maybe a few of them. I think I still have some somewhere. I’ll dig them up and post them later.

Then, I changed my tune and remained almost entirely in the digital realm using Photoshop and Illustrator. Add in the use of Adobe Capture on the iPhone and I had a pretty solid group of tools.

Now? Now I make art. Lots of it.

For you.