Introducing: Tracee

Introducing: Tracee

I would like to introduce my friend, Tracee. She is a new model with some experience with performance and modeling. We have talked about working together in the past, but it has never happened. Now, I’m proud to say, I have some great photos of her.

For this shoot, I decided to change things up a little bit. Normally, I like a clean, blank slate and then create on top of that. I didn’t feel that was right for this shoot. Instead, I wanted a crude, plain non-set: A simple, basic area so I could focus on composition and feel over “glamour.”

I like to work with subjects who are untrained or inexperienced. They haven’t had a chance to practice every action, pose, and expression. It’s good for making art over glamour snaps. I get candid poses and expressions and unpracticed bits. I’ve always preferred those in-between moments, anyway.

Lighting was a combination of overhead sunlight with a pair of strobes to boost it. The plain, random background leaving wires and a poor transition to the floor. The challenge is ultimately in the composition. Any photo can be made compelling with the right composition.

For some shots, I used a portable nylon green-screen as a background, a thick, plain, black tablecloth I got at a thrift store and I alternately draped some lacy material I picked up at another thrift store. Thrift stores love me.

Lately, I’ve been playing around with different lighting situations. I’m particularly interested in conflicting light to get a different effect. Sometimes, this effect can play out as simply filling in shadows or beefing up the light in a low-light situation. Other times were mistakes that I liked too much to stop. I blasted out highlights and crushed shadows, but used a neutral-exposure picture style (Cinestyle by Technicolor) to add some exposure latitude so I can post process the way I like.

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“The Wastelands” with Tiffany

Tiffany W in canyon, posing

Photo Links


Tiffany W Dynamic Look
Tiffany W Dynamic Look

For this project, I decided to create a new world using story as a creative (and motivating) force. In this case, I came up with a short story – really just an origin story leading to the character “Danika.” The name means “Morning Star” in Slavic. Morning Star being the representation of beauty via Venus.

The story was pretty basic:

The world has moved on. (Busted: huge fan of the Dark Tower novels and comics – the movie was flat). Violence and chaos have lead to breakdown and decay. Scared, the people have moved from large cities and big problems only to trade them for roving bands of Scavages (scavenging savages). Danika’s family has moved to a mountain region where other humans have found an abandoned hydroelectric plant leaving her to find the fabled Green Lands.

That’s where Danika (our model Tiffany on FB) lives. She’s grown now, but she still fights for her family. She is alone but not forgotten.

This is the world in which I wanted to build a series of model-based photos for my newest project. It’s a Wasteland project that has taken several iterations in the last couple years. It’s always been a Work in-Progress for me. Now, it’s a solid project that is near completion.

My last steps will be to combine all of the existing photos from this project, find enough to develop a solid story, then use my photo-manipulation and Photoshop skills to create a new world for Dani to live.

After I shoot the rest of the photos (only one person left to work with), phase one (photo capture) will be complete and the rest of the project will commence so I can populate this fictional world with more people and make a final, more coherent story.

Want to see my new Photo Experiment at the SASCO Mine?


Great Photos and Amazing Talent at the SASCO Mines

So I had a great photo shoot out in the deserts north of Tucson. 5 miles west-southwest of a little town called Red Rock is a long dirt road called Sasco Mine Road. The mine is gone now. It hasn’t been there since the 1940s. It’s an interesting story and a fun read. I love it for all the amazing graffiti and it’s a great location to shoot models and create awesome and incredible image experiments.

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Jane is a Tucson model and photographer . See Jane at the SASCO Hotel Ruins in the desert around Red Rock and the Silverbell mine. From our recent shoot on October 22, 2017. Visit her Facebook Page here and here.

Another new model for me was Marissa. Such a great and mysterious look. She loved to hide her face with masks and cloth. Stunning eyes, too. It’s always nice to meet new models with a great look. Hope to work with her again.

You really should check out her images here.

The model, Soul, is a tremendous pleasure to work with. She is friendly and a little bit shy, but bold, responsive, and completely unafraid.

Check out her great photo set here.

Facebook Page

This was my first time working with Alexis (photo gallery link). She is a model here in Tucson. Since I’m not great at chatting, I didn’t get much info from her. I guess I prefer to get to work versus talking. Regardless, she has such a great look and her hair and dress were mesmerizing. Such great forms and curves.

I’ve not known her, but I had seen her amazing work before. Sarah has such a great, natural form, poise, p0se, and an amazing. This was my first chance to work with her and I can’t wait to work with her again. Such great fire in those eyes and some of the sexiest looks.

Check out her set here.

Check her Facebook Page here.

New Promo Tactics

New Promo Tactics

So I thought I would start going through much of my previous photography work. Along the way, I’ve discovered some photo shoots I though I’d lost ages ago. I found some I didn’t even remember shooting.

For this one, Sarah (model) was over for some video shooting. I was shooting for stock and I wanted some practice. She was fairly paid.

So the videos wound up being mostly a bust because she had tattoos which are a big no-no for stock agencies. I didn’t know that. Why? Tattoos are a work of art and are the copyright of the tattoo artist. No joke. I have to get property releases for every tattoo visible in an image or video. More often than not, this is simply impossible. Imagine tattoo artists from all over just the Southwest (let alone the rest of the world) signing property releases for every single tattoo. Most of the time, the talent doesn’t remember the artist or when they got it. So, basically, I have to cover everything up, fix it in post (forget it), or take the hit and learn the lesson.

This one was a lesson. So, I can still use these for self-promotion so that’s what we’ll do.

When I found this image it was using the Flat Shooting Picture Style. The image had almost no contrast.

I love how it works now.