Prop Update for Photo Shoot

It’s coming up fast: my latest photo shoot happens this Saturday. I’m in ¬†a post-apocalyptic mood of late. I’m open to all kinds of weird post-apocalyptic magic now.

I found some great stuff on my latest thrift store find. Now, I made something new and cool from something different. Check the gallery on the page. Comparison pics shown, too. The new pix use my phone. I’ll be posting after the shoot.

I didn’t do anything to the ski goggles.

Quick update: added photos of the virtual prop handles. They are covered in green and red duct tape. They can be used for a variety of things. I will mostly be replacing them digitally with virtual weapons and props.

The curved one is great for bows, shields, steering wheel, handles, curved blades, etc. The straight ones have similar¬†uses. The thicker one is for poles, ledges, pipes, bazookas, and other thick things. The smaller one is for swords, knives, batons, staffs, etc. I have another that is just a long piece (almost 7′) of 3/4″ PVC that’s good for staffs, railings, spears, pole-axes, quarterstaffs, etc.

I stay away from darker colors as it makes it more difficult to obtain lighting information. Green works the best since most cameras have twice the number of green pixels as red or green. I think anyway.

Last on the prop handles: if I did this again, I might just buy 2″ gaffers tape in green and red. The shiny is proving tough to photograph with the strobes (not impossible, tho). Might have been easier with a matte surface. I’ll try it next time for a comparison.

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