Where do you find your models?

I find them in a variety of places:

  • Model Mayhem (click to go to my portfolio on MM). MM is a great resource to find real, professional talent, and get started as a newbie and connect quickly with professionals.
  • This website. Feel free to email me at technoobscura@gmail.com.
  • Facebook – not as often, but occasionally. Send me your page and let me know you are interested (I won’t like do anything more than like it if you don’t say anything).
  • Other social media.
  • My personal contacts.

I'd like to work with you on a project, how should I proceed?

Thank you for your interest! I am always on the lookout for new talent.

Your best bet is to tell me all about you:

  • Tell me about your experience: Acting, Modeling, Performance Art, Dance, Yoga, Music, Martial Arts, High School Band, Boxing, or whatever your hobbies or interests. Professional modeling experience isn’t necessarily required for most of my work, though I’d love to hear what you can do.
  • Include links to any modeling samples online. If you want to model, set up a free Model Mayhem account and post some pictures. If you don’t have an online portfolio, send a recent headshot with rough measurements (just the vitals).
  • From there, tell me what you are expecting from the photos. Don’t worry, I’ve heard it all. Really, I just want to be sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations from me.
  • Are you 18 and over? Not a showstopper, but, often, you will need a parent or guardian to sign paperwork.
  • I require you to sign a Model Release (via EasyRelease) and/or Property Release. Please let me know if you need to see a copy.
  • I’m seeking photos from all walks of life. These may or may not be for profit or later use as well as my growing portfolio. I’m seeking those who are willing to try new things and push beyond their comfort zone. I’m open to pretty much anything. I don’t shoot nudes unless the model has already communicated a desire to shoot nudes.
  • What is your schedule like? I am a Monday-Friday kinda guy, but I realize you may not have time mid-week so weekends are open. Shoots take 2-3 hours so plan accordingly.
  • Eventually, I’ll also need your measurements. I have a sizable wardrobe here I use for my shoots so I need measurements so I can prep stuff you can wear. If you have a range of sizes, I can work with it. Sizes I need are usually: dress, shoe, waist, hips, bust. I generally have a broad range of sizes, styles, etc.
  • Let me know if you need pay or if you can work TF. I have a limited budget so I can only a limited number of paid shoots each month. For a first timer, I strongly suggest TF so we can see if we work well together.
  • If you have any ideas or concepts to develop, I am interested and I will see how I can make it happen.

Do you shoot weddings, Quinceañeras, or other events?


While I have nothing but respect for those that shoot personal and public events and celebrations, I have found it is not really for me.

For me, I prefer working with a single model or a very small group on a single project. I will shoot just the bride and groom prior to or after the wedding, but I will not shoot the wedding itself, the reception, or its may cheerful onlookers.

I guess I prefer to make art versus memories. I’m sure those attending these events will not miss me.

Do you shoot nudes? Do I have to be nude?

I do shoot nudes occasionally. I do not shoot nudes, exclusively.

If you want to shoot nudes (or you are available for nude shooting), please let me know at the beginning.

If you do NOT wish to shoot nude, let me know that you do NOT wish to shoot nudes and I will be sure to make note of it.

You MUST BE 18 YEARS of AGE or OLDER to appear nude. No exceptions. It’s a Federal Law. In the rare event I shoot nudes for stock, you must be 21 years of age or older due to international restrictions.

I want to model, but I'm too... (reason)

I get this one a lot:

“I’m interested in modeling, but I’m too —- (fill in the blank).”

Those are the reasons YOU use to avoid modeling (ie: too short, tall, thin, fat, ugly, un-photogenic, etc.). If it helps, don’t judge yourself on these criteria. Let me use MY criteria. If you want to model, you will have to come away from your comfort zone. I can’t and won’t force you, but if you want someone who will work with you (no matter your own objections), I’m it.

I will work with you if you feel you are too tall, thin, short, wide, tattooed, un-tattooed, pierced, scarred (scars not scares), young, pregnant, old, average, disfigured, discolored, perfect, inexperienced, smart, dumb, ugly, out-of-shape, fit, weird, normal, healthy, sick, depressed, excited, etc. I will work with you if you identify with male or female humans or both or neither or even if you don’t identify with humans (not my place to say, frankly).

I don’t get caught up in the fiddling details of gender, race, religion or any of a host of “isms.” I am not blind to it, I’m well aware of them, but they are details I don’t have to worry about for my photography. I will respect them as best I can as needed. Please tell me if I’m stomping all over your ism.

I’m looking for great shots from real people not just from certain people.

Come inside. The water’s fine.

What do you do with the pictures you take?

There’s the $50,000 question!

Most wind up in the general bin and get archived. These are photos that are generally good, but may have minor issues like poor focus, motion blur, bad depth-of-field, poor composition, weird expression, bad lighting, or a small range of basic reasons. Since I know I have shot better images over the course of a shoot, I can safely move on.

After I have a small set (usually 20-25% of the whole), I refocus on just those and identify the ones with the best technical merits (usually no more than 5% of the whole). Then, I begin focusing on just the ones that seem particularly good (about 2-3%).

I will now begin making basic corrections to edit the shoot around my needs. Finished images can take a week or two., though I try to have solid images available to the model(s) in less then a week. If something has come up, I’ll try to let you know.

I also submit images to stock photo agencies I work with. They are available for license after a brief approval period which can be days or weeks, depending on the stock agency.

Some images become fodder for my photo-manipulation projects. These are creative art projects using numerous photos and other elements to create something totally new and different.

I am currently researching a new sort of sales avenue: making images available for sale on an individual basis or selling collections of large images in packages. No details are available yet, but please stay tuned.

Do you shoot gratis, pro bono, as a donation, or for exposure or free?


Yes, many offer. I politely decline. I am a professional photographer and I make money by selling my services, prints, or licensing my stuff via stock agencies. Despite my desire to help the world become something greater, I do not do it for free.

Pro bono makes it sound like I’m a lawyer. Lawyers are required to do certain amount of pro bono work each year. They get to decide how to do it. I am not a lawyer and do not work pro bono.

Donating my time is a bit silly since you can’t deduct time on taxes. Only gas mileage and physical donations. If a non-profit offers to write up an invoice or something so it could be deducted, I decline. If you are willing to break the law to have me to work for you, you better be willing to pay me. I may offer a discounted rate, but unless you are giving up your salary, I won’t either.

Exposure is the one I find hilarious. Usually they mean they will put your name on a flyer or make you come up to a podium for a “free speech.” That’s absurd. If everyone were there for me and me alone, they would already know about me and exposure would be silly. Usually, though, the situation is that they will not give you any further thought than, “cool, we got this guy to shoot some pix.” Since I can’t pay bills with exposure, I prefer to do my own exposure and charge for everything else.

Honestly, people do not appreciate what they do not have to pay for. My day rates stand.

What are your rates?

My rates vary widely by project.

Since I can’t possibly anticipate every possible aspect of a photo shoot, I can’t really give you solid numbers with no information. I can give you my high rates, though. These rates do not any include equipment, lights, models or other talent, or anything other than getting me to the shoot. These rates assume nothing about you, your specific situation, or anything whatsoever.

Really, these numbers are for the folks that are shopping for photography by price. I do not compete on price. You hire me because you are looking for my specific talent. I don’t do weddings or events. I do art. If you have a specific image you want to see or if you are working on a project and need a professional photographer, then you contact me.

If you have a project, please contact me first. These prices subject to change without notice.

  • Day Rate (Tucson, up to 8 hours): $800
  • Half-Day Rate (Tucson, up to 5 hours): $450
  • Hourly Rate (Tucson only, up to 3 hours): $125
  • Hourly Overtime Rate (Tucson only): $250
  • Travel Day Rate (up to 8 hours): $1500
  • Travel Half-Day Rate (up to 5 hours): $900
  • Travel Hourly Rate (up to 3 hours): $250
  • Travel Hourly Overtime Rate: $500

Adding equipment, lights, props, sets, food, gas, hotel, talent, etc. will make the numbers go up, of course. I will usually quote for the entire project and I will require a deposit to cover base expenses. The deposit varies by project. I will sit with you to come up with a specific plan with specific numbers.

Can I subscribe, follow, friend, like, or otherwise see your many feeds?

Holy cow! Yes!

You can join the mailing list (I use MailChimp) on the home page of this site (Home above).

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