Abandoned Vail Warehouse Shoot with Sarah Slaykitty

Shoot Location: Abandoned Vail Warehouse
Photographer: Jonathan Ziegler
Model: Sarah Slaykitty (MM, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

This is all about the Vail Abandoned Warehouse shoot on June 15, 2018.

First off, let me please say a huge congratulatory thank you to model Sarah Slaykitty for her hard work and great skill.

She was absolutely wonderful to work with and has been a brilliant collaborator.

I had done an early test shoot so this wasn’t technically a scouting, but it really needed to be with a new camera – a Canon 6D I rented along with a Sigma 24-105mm f4 zoom art lens. My first time with the lens, but not the camera body.

From the video you can see it was pretty warm out. My wife was nice enough to appear in the video from my phone even though she didn’t really get seen in the video. That’s how she likes it. 

Here are some really great photos of Sarah from that day.

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