Welcome to Techno Obscura

This is the art site for award-winning photographer, artist, videographer, and designer, Jonathan Ziegler.

My work is weird. I admit it. I like it that way.

When I was growing up, my differences made me feel awkward and really made havoc with my self-esteem.

Since then, I’ve learned to embrace all of the little things that make me who I really am. Learned there is no “bad” and “good,” but just me.

Some of me is very dark. Some is bathed in light. Most of me is someplace in the middle.

Here, you will find some of my artwork. I love to make these and I love it when you come to see them!

This site is still pretty new and I’m slowly transitioning over to using this website over another portfolio-type site.

Please bear with me. I’m actually in the process of completely re-branding “me” so I can produce a broader range of work: photo, artwork, video, jewelry (not just cabs n slabs), music, writing, and more.

Look out for teaching opportunities, eBooks, prints of my photo and digital art, stock media sales, my upcoming mail-order photography business (you send me something, I take a nice, professional photo of it, then send it back).

Don’t forget to check out WeeGonza Bazaar for yet more of my and my wife’s amazing work!

Thanks for coming by,
Jonathan Ziegler